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George Sears McGee

Broker, Austin Silent Market, Inc.

Graduated from Austin High in 1970 and went into real estate full time right out of UT in the late 70s. Having earned a C.C.I.M designation early in my career allows me to share professional insights into market value. Sort of like a CPA to the accounting business.

Raising four children, my Austin born wife, of 36 years, and I have learned how wonderful Austin is to raise a family.

Author of Silent Market, Lessons from a Soft Selling Life, available on Amazon,com, is a primer for anyone considering sales and marketing as a career, and insight into how I view my role as a Realtor.

Chris Ameel, Lawyer, recommends George Sears McGee

George is the best in the business. He knows where the deals are in the areas most people want to live in Austin, especially West Austin. He also is able to work with the seller to get the price for his client. He’s done us well 3 times. I look forward to having him represent us when it’s our time to sell. Thanks Geo.

David Rogers recommends George Sears McGee

Life Coach

Jun 17, 2013
I was set to close on my house with a couple in Connecticut on Sept 12, 2001 . I had a first and second loan out on the new home as well as the note on the Austin home.
On 9/11 the nation went into shock and I never heard from the buyers again. Nobody was looking at homes. I was stuck. George knew a looker from earlier on who might be interested if financing could be arranged. George helped him do that and we sold within a month. I also got more for the house than I had expected. He has all my future business.

Admirer who wants to remain ananymous recommends George Sears McGee

Technical Professional

Jun 17, 2013
When we started looking for houses a few years ago at the front-end of the great recession, we bumped into George McGee. He was kind, pleasant, professional, patient. and willing to spend numerous hours with us. He had a great supporting staff (Christie Hayes) whowas just as personable. He found us home in the Brykerwoods area and I believe it is a good purchase.What makes George a great resource is that he has a long history of real estate practice in the central Austin area and he built a large client-base and therefore is privy to inventories outside of the MLS (the official site for home listing in a city). So, he can identify properties that best fit your needs and budget. He is not pushy, and eager to make a comission. In the course of buying and selling houses in Austin, I worked with many agents and Geo stands out. I have no hesitation in recommending George as your consigliere in your pursuit of a home in the central Austin area.


‘”Wow! From listing to closing in 24 days!  It”s been a very stressful time for us, what with the cross-country move, waiting for Scott”s new job to start, and getting used to a new city and home, and you guys have been awesome! When it came time to sell our home, Scott & I thought it would be in our best interest to work with a discount agent in order to save a little on the commission. But after several weeks with limited activity and nothing being done to market our home effectively – as far as we could see- we realized this was not in our best interest.  Within hours of choosing to work with the ASM Group, both Scott and I felt like a huge weight had been taken off our shoulders.  I had read SO many testimonials, and was fortunate enough to have realized first-hand why so many people rave about this team.  They put up with my stress, my concerns, and my paniky emails, and managed to do so with a smile (at least I think there were smiles – it”s hard to tell for sure from 2,000 miles away!)We learned the hard way that when in comes to one of the biggest investments in our life, it doesn”t make sense to pinch pennies.  As the ASM Group suggests, decide on an amount you”ll be happy walking away with and then let the professionals do their job. So, after all was said and done, the ASM team took care of us and the sale of our home.  We felt from the first day that we put this jpb in the hands of the right people, and with 3 offers in five days, we weren”t wrong. For us, the phrase “you get what you pay for” never had more meaning.  If you know someone moving our of Austin, do them a favor and put them in touch with the Austin Silent Market Group! From all of us here in Massachusetts, the Wallace family thanks you with all our heart!”‘,

‘Tamar & Scott Wallace’, 


Virginia Forbis and her team at Austin Silent Market sold 2703 Greenlee  in Tarrytown after negotiating a fantastic cash offer, at a terrific price, to a young family.

After a couple of offers by builders wanting to build two homes on the double lot, and a couple of offers from other interested parties, Ms. Forbis, at the suggestion of her team, patiently waited for the final offer which ended up putting more money in her pocket than what she was leaning towards accepting, earlier.

George Vance McGee handled the challenging city bureaucracies for Ms. Forbis, the owner, to procure the city demolition permit. This action was critical in setting up the stage for the one week funding.

Virginia said the Austin Silent Market team “always had my best interests at heart, communicated clearly, and after 33 years, were obviously experts in west Austin.


POLLY PRICE, ASM Realtor Testimonial Below;

 “We wanted to take a few minutes of your time to comment on the exceptional service that Polly provided for us during the recent purchase of our new home in Steiner Ranch. Between us, we have bought and sold numerous houses during our lifetimes, four in the Austin area over the past 25 years.
As you know, there are many characteristics that an exceptional realtor must possess. We must say that Polly exceeded even our high expectations in every regard since she had so impressed our daughter and son-in-law during their recent purchase at Steiner, as well. She is clearly knowledgeable of the Austin real estate market, and was able to show us a number of appealing houses with the features we sought. 
The first thing we appreciated was her sensitivity to our needs, while helping us sort through the various options we found. Second, her unfailing positive attitude and optimism helped us through some early disappointments and difficult negotiations. It should be noted that once we began the process, Polly was almost immediately responsive to any questions, concerns, or even frustrations we encountered.
 Once an offer was made, Polly immediately got in touch with an excellent inspector and roofing consultant to address the typical concerns of every homebuyer. This part of the process was made easier both by the attentiveness of Polly, but also the professionalism of her consultants. She was equally engaged with our lender, and the Title company keeping everyone moving forward.
It’s probably obvious at this point that we consider Polly Price to be the best realtor we’ve ever had the pleasure to work with. You should be proud that she represents Austin Silent Market so extraordinarily, and know that we will refer any colleagues, friends, or family members to Polly should they desire to sell, or purchase a home in Austin.” 
Polly C. Price, ACSM CPT
Austin Silent Market
Real Estate Group


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