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100 Things To Do Before I Die

by George Sears McGee (Accomplished in Bold)

Spend Christmas in a beachfront villa in Mexico . Charter a sailboat and sail the islands of the Caribbean . Snowboard the Swiss Alps . Visit Thailand . Take my family to Paris to visit the museums. Spend a night in the White House & breakfast with the President. Visit Cuba . Visit Rio and Buenos Aires . Go to Spain and Italy . Visit the south of France . Travel to Bali . Sail the Tahitian Islands . Rent an RV for the summer and see the back roads of America . Rent a home in San Francisco for a week and hang out. Visit Niagara Falls . Spend the night in at least one bed and breakfast each year. Sit on the sidelines at a Dallas Cowboy game. Watch a pro prizefight ringside . Ride the Concorde to Europe . Take a four-day plus trip each quarter

Do something with a worthy political campaign. Raise money for Tsunami victims and start a non-profit, Thailand Housing Foundation. Build a home for Habitat. Donate $1,000,000 to worthy causes. Save a child from child abuse. Be a big brother again. Coach a youth basketball team on the east side Give speeches for United Way . Help as many people as I can in Toastmasters. Speak to help solve world hunger. Speak for Habitat for Humanity. Promote peace in all I come in contact with. Teach a free speaking class Learn to be patient with others, especially family members.

Have a nice summer home on Lake Austin . Have professionally landscaped grounds . Have a newly remodeled kitchen at Watchhill. Acquire a hot tub. Build a new deck. Obtain 10 new pieces of nice furniture. Buy our neighbors’ home on Watchhill Road .

Parachute jump from an airplane. Bungee Jump. Pilot a Lear Jet.

Pilot a helicopter. Hang glide . Try LSD in a safe environment Ride Harleys down the Baja with wild friends from college. Fly in a pterodactyl type single plane. Go off a water ski jump. Do a wakeboard curl.

Develop a more systematized business. Have a totally automated web site. Develop a website that allows my clients to enjoy more of life.
Incorporate a 4-day workweek. Deserve an advocate group of over 100 members Do a Home Buyer Seminar. Create a web site that generates $10,000 per month consistently. Hire experienced professionals to serve my clients even better. Mastermind with friends weekly . Buy a small building for my office. Buy a home for Emily. Build database to 10,000 who know & trust me. Build to 1,000,000.

Read 50-100 books each year. Be 155 lbs. Touch the floor with my legs straight Walk a mile, or more, daily. Practice yoga daily. Run 5 miles, without a heart attack. Rid myself of destructive habits. Do the Bun Run. Dunk the basketball. Meditate daily for 20 minutes, or more. Play tennis once a week.

Coach my children’s basketball teams. Go to South America with Johnny. Have my kids want to be great dads. Celebrate my 90th birthday on 7/26/2042 Do a complete family tree. Have a family reunion. Spend more time with friends. Go to Hawaii with my entire family. Rent a nice house, in Isla Mujeres, for 10+ days. Learn to snow board even better with my children . Build a home with my children’s help. Have a weekly date night with my kids. Continue date night with Andi. Have my wife & I understand, accept, & appreciate each other fully.
Four well-situated U.T. season Basketball and Football tickets. Have a full time gardener, housekeeper, and chef. Get a Vespa. Learn to and go Scuba Diving . Have my 15 minutes of fame. Speak Spanish fluently . Earn $10,000 per speech as a professional speaker Write a best selling novel. Acquire a navigation system. Write a top hit song. Have an apartment in Paris . Create a clothing label of casual clothes. Play music on stage with James Taylor, Jackson Browne, or Bob Dylan. Late model car every 4 years for Andi and I. Acquire a wakeboard ski boat.

Have a 2nd home in Colorado to spend time with friends and family in August. Buy a Miata for drives in the Hill country or around Austin
Zero Debt. Acquire a $1,000,000 real estate note paying 10+%. $2,000,000 saved for retirement. Buy a UT condo with good cash flow
Gross $1,000,000, or more, in one year. Have $20,000 per month in passive income. Help my children be good stewards of their own finances.

As you peruse the list above perhaps it will help you to create some dreams of yours that might come true sooner by writing them down. I took a list like this from a friend and changed all of the goals that did not ring my bell. I get it out and review it every once in a while to remind myself of some of the things I’d do if I were to take the time. The list changes as things lose their appeal. For example, several friends have told me that LSD is not that much fun, so I am losing interest in that one, at present. If you know of someone who might be able to help me reach or adjust any of these things, I would welcome your call. Who knows? With help from friends, I believe almost anything is possible, don’t you?

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