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SOLD! Brykerwoods Premier street Home Sold! Austin Silent Market Buyer’s Agent


Recently, George Vance McGee was out and about,  while touring the best neighborhoods, streets, and residential pocket neighborhoods of Austin Texas. One afternoon he ran across and called on a “Coming Soon” yard sign in Brykerwoods. This never before home listed for sale, did have a listing agent yet no set price and was NOT yet active on the MLS system.

With the licensed assistance of George Vance and his excellent buying clientele, Austin Silent Market working in the consultative buyer’s agent role was able to help this young married couple get the home under contract, undergo lengthy inspections, negotiate repairs, get the property professionally appraised and eventually closed. All in less than 45 days.

In this smooth, successful closed transaction, Austin Silent Market worked to procure and help the buyer’s close on the home, for a fair reasonable value, prior to the home ever going in the active MLS system.

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